meet deb bridges




My husband and I have been so fortunate to have raised a family in the Dundee-Newberg area.  Our kids have had amazing teachers, coaches, mentors and friends to protect and guide them.  

We are proud of our two Newberg Tigers.  I never wanted to miss an opportunity to volunteer for class projects and parties, teaching art literacy, or supervising field trips which included over night at outdoor school!  

We were parent club members and volunteered at the annual Dundee Auction. We have helped raise money for the school and done whatever was needed to support Newberg clubs and sports and we were both very active with the Newberg Booster Club.  Once I mastered the pop-corn machine at the concessions, there was no stopping me!

I am currently a volunteer in the Resource Room at the High School.  It is such a great way to interact with amazing kids and help them pick out things they need.  It may be a snack, or laundry detergent or personal care items or a friendly smile and an encouraging word.  

For close to 17 years, I worked as the Director of Victim Services for the Yamhill County District Attorney's Office.  As advocates, our role was to assist victims of crime or those who may be experiencing a crisis.  

I worked with the Newberg-Dundee Police Department and the Newberg School District to support kids and families in crisis.  It has been an honor to work together to help those in need and to plan for safety within the schools.

I've spent my career working in organizations that help care for our most vulnerable populations.  My leadership in local, state and national levels allowed me to work collaboratively with many different people to build better response and systems to help improve the lives of our neighbors.  I've managed local, state and federal grants and managed multi-million dollar budgets.  

As I have observed the challenges the Newberg School District has gone through in the past couple of years, I believe my skills and experiences will be an asset to the Newberg School District Board of Directors.  

And, at the end of the day, that is what kids need - a board of directors that is working to create a school system that supports, nurtures and values all our kids!

I volunteer!

Professional Experience